Best of Provo Housing 2021

Find out the best places to live according to students in 2021…

BEST OF PROVO HOUSING AWARDS 2021 (as determined by you, the Provo renters)

Hey everyone!

We here at FindMyPlace are excited to bring you the very first edition of the annual FindMyPlace “Best of Provo Housing” awards.

Provo complexes gathered 1,300+ reviews this year, thanks to you, the tenants of Provo…Provo-ites? Anyway, considering MyPlace didn’t exist until this last August, we think you guys have earned yourselves a huge round of applause.

With that said, let’s find out who was the best of the best in 2021.

#1 Most Reviewed Complex: Glenwood Apartments

Glenwood Ratings
With 186 reviews gathered, Glenwood has out-reviewed every complex in Provo and is now the first-displayed (and most visited) complex on our site. Congrats to Glenwood on the free publicity!

#1 Overall: The Isles

The Isles Ratings

The overall complex to beat this year was The Isles, with a commanding 4.3 overall rating. One of our reviewers said it best, when they said: “Best place to live in Provo. End of story. You get what you pay for and that’s a resort-like experience close to campus.”

#1 Social: King Henry

King Henry Ratings

If you’re looking for the complex with a strategy worth studying, you’ve found them. King Henry managed to secure the title of #1 most social complex in Provo with a 4.7 social rating, remaining consistent across over 95 reviews. Tenants said: “Everything about this place is built to get you outside and interacting with others. If you like making friends, this place is for you.”

#1 Management: Cinnamon Tree

Cinnamon Tree Ratings

The coveted award of best management goes to Cinnamon Tree! With an average management rating of 4.2, we’re sure nobody is less surprised than their tenants, who said: “Maintenance is fantastic! You put in a request and they’ll have it fixed by the next day.”

#1 Quality: The Isles

The Isles Ratings

The Isles takes another trophy, closing 2021 voted as not only the best overall apartment, but highest quality. With an average quality rating of 4.7, one reviewer described the Isles as such: “This place is top notch in every category. It feels like you’re living in a courtyard hotel. Everything is new and nice and clean, including all of the residents.”

And that rounds out our 2021 Best of Provo awards, thanks again for making our website what it is now!

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