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    42 East 800 North, Provo, UT 84606, USA

  • State : UT
Ava 18
Sep 28, 2022
Safe, Great location, Poor management
Amanda Knight is a great place to live. The apartments are extremely nice, and having a nice kitchen and laundry in unit is so nice. It is kind of small for the price you pay (depending on your unit and room). The parking situation sucks, so find a lot nearby

because you probably won’t get a parking pass.

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Aspen ridge management is not good.

The apartments are very nice and super cute. They are recently remodeled.

Morgan 18
Sep 13, 2022
Worth the money, Safe, 10/10 would recommend
I have loved living in Amanda Knight! The charm of the place makes it a very comfortable place to stay. There are frequently ward activities and other gatherings held in the common areas.

Management office answers emails and calls during their hours.

The apartments are clean. The kitchen is a little bit small for storing 5 girls food

and cook ware, but overall a great place to live!

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Jane 22
Nov 22, 2021
Safe, 10/10 would recommend, Great location
I actually thought it was the nicest most beautiful places you can find in Provo. It is very very expensive but I’m not gonna lie kinda worth it. If you have trouble sleeping with lots of noise, the windows are very thin because they are so old so you hear

the street easily. The rooms are huge. Each apartment is completely different so you should ask to tour different ones first because some are better than others. It was soooo dreamy though. All girls which was pretty fun, I loved the ward everyone was very down to earth and sweet. The main hall is like out of a dream so you can throw sick parties and I know the gym was super nice.

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Very had an issue except it was wicked expensive and I deep cleaned for 10+ hours

and still got a cleaning fee so that was annoying. No cleaning checks though

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Soooooo beautiful. Like so nice everything is incredible and dreamy like you are in a movie.

They have just keypads on doors so you never lose a key. Kinda sucks there isn’t a pool or hot tub but still nice

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