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    659 N 700 E #15, Provo, UT, USA

  • State : UT
Mar 08, 2023
Great location, 10/10 would recommend, Safe
I have lived here for almost 2 years now and I have loved it! Everyone that comes over comments on how spacious our apartment is. Having free underground parking is a huge perk and it's super close to BYU. The in-unit laundry is also amazing. The shared room I lived

in was very spacious and didn't feel cramped. Overall, I have loved living here!

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Mostly good things to say. They have responded to our maintenance requests very promptly.

Really spacious apartment! The kitchen is one of the best parts! Perfect size for 4 people!

Ashley 23
Feb 11, 2021
Overall a super solid place to live. I loved the apartment and the amenities provided. It's super close to BYU campus and UVX stops. 2 assigned parking spots per apartment with extra parking in the back, most of the time that was fine but sometimes you would run out of

parking. Overall I'd recommend living here to anyone!

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I rented through Mountain View Management, they were wonderful! Very responsive, kept the apartment in great


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Great atmosphere, felt very homey

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