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    72 W 880 N, Provo, UT 84604

  • State : UT
Lindsey 21
Jun 14, 2021
Worth the money, 10/10 would recommend, Great location
I love this place! It’s only a three girl apartment and very spacious! I’ve never seen a bigger more spacious kitchen! Only one small bathroom, but it works! One parking spot per apt, but can usually find street parking without too much trouble.

They’re very uninvolved- which I don’t mind. No cleaning checks, so that’s awesome! And maintenance usually

responds fairly quickly (our fridge broke and they replaced it the next day.)

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Kinda of old, but still super cute and in good condition!

Sarah 26
Feb 12, 2021
Honestly not a bad place to live if you move into one of the apartments managed by Mountain View Management. It’s not got a lot of parking, but you get to use LoF amenities without paying the outrages price. Utilities range anywhere from 30-50$ depending on the time of year.

Social scene is awesome when COVID isn’t a thing. It’s super central, you can walk to BYU in less than 10 minutes (the complex is on 880 N) . It’s a little old, but most of the apartments are all updated and nice.

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This complex was managed by different companies, the apartment I lived in was number 6, Mountain

View Management manages it. They were great and fixed stuff on time.

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It’s pretty nice. Downside is there’s only one bathroom. But I liked how central it is

to everything. The parking (like always) is a nightmare. There’s only one spot per apartment so if all three of you drive a car you have to switch off every week and struggle to find a place to park. The parking lot is managed by Aspen Ridge, but the pass is free and that’s about the only time you deal with them. Even though the apartment doesn’t have any amenities. Since LoF is so close we used their clubhouse, pool, hot tub, and lounge area all summer.

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