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    802 N 700 E #1, Provo, UT 84606, USA

  • State : UT
Anonymous 21
Feb 27, 2024
Good maintenance, Great location, Worth the money
Extremely close to campus and that was a huge plus. Kind of smaller apartments but it's only 4 peolle to a place so that's nice. Parking is kind of weird but I somehow found a spot every time. The ward is fantastic, and everyone at Santa Fe was pretty solid.

Everyone rags on the management but I had nothing but good experiences with them. They were

quick to reply and fixed stuff up.

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Santa Fe is definitely an older building but they've been renovated. Once you step inside it's

fairly modern. Maintenance was never an issue.

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Brent 23
Feb 12, 2021
Close to campus and looks nice on inside but is incredibly small. Bunkbeds are a nightmare and there is no storage space. Not enough parking for everyone and is run by Aspen ridge. So you have to deal with their shenanigans.

Aspen Ridge. The worst in Provo.

Nicely furnished and close to campus but incredibly small. Only 700 sqft

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