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    737 600 E, Provo, UT 84606, USA

  • State : UT
Daryna 22
Aug 09, 2022
Poor management, Overpriced, Would not live here again
The apartment complex in general seems nice until you live here for a couple of months. Private rooms and great location. In case something is broken it’ll take forever to fix. Not really safe. Last month someone broke into the apartment and the only response from the manegment “

we haven’t been there” Cathy, the manager is really rude and just trying to make money out of the air.

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Management is terrible! Long wait for maintanence. They don’t accept online payments only cash or checks

brought to the office. The manager type everything on the typing machine and definitely has no idea about 21th century technologies. They will make you pay literally for everything.

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Super slow internet. I think the word I had since moved to Provo. Looks nice in

general until you face all the problems with the apartment and management

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