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    761 N University Ave, Provo, UT, USA

  • State : UT
Colton 22
Dec 01, 2021
Worth the money, 10/10 would recommend, Great location
I love University House. It's a two-story that's under Aspen Ridge and I think the roommates are what make it so fun. There are 12 of us in the house, 6 upstairs, 6 downstairs. Upstairs and downstairs contracts sold separately. Fantastic location, we have our own parking lot, and a

garage and a driveway. I love it, though the quality isn't the highest.

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No cleaning checks! That is always a plus.

Not the best quality, but good enough for me. You can spruce it up as you

see fit. However, one fridge between 6 guys can be difficult--especially without a dishwasher.

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