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    732 800 East apt 34, Provo, UT 84606, USA

  • State : UT
Anonymous 22
Feb 12, 2024
Great location, Younger Crowd, Safe
I loved my experience here. I lived here for 16 months. The ward is really nice. It could be more social but depends on who's living there. Each unit is privately owned. I had the best landlords and they were the most affordable in the complex. There isn't a management

company who runs the HOA. Each of the landlords works together to maintain the property. It does seem to attract a younger crowd because it is BYU contracted housing. My roommates have never had trouble parking. There are 2 spots assigned and then 8 extra free-for-all spots.

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They are good. My landlords were private so they were extremely responsive.

Most apartments seem clean and well taken care of.

Bailey 18
Sep 13, 2022
Worth the money, 10/10 would recommend, Great location
Every apartment unit gets to parking spots assigned to them, and then there’s extra parking for whoever.

I love the management. Very kind.

So much storage! Love it. Very nice inside.

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