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  • You can now edit your listing in your user dashboard! Go to My Listings/Plans and click the “Edit” button under your listing. Make any adjustments you need, click “Update”, and you are good to go!
  • If your contract doesn’t sell, you can choose to relist it or keep it until the end of the contract term. For more reasons as to why your contract may not be selling and how to make it more appealing, see our article on that subject here.

There are several things to do to increase the appeal of your contract. To see detailed advice on to make your contract look better, see our article on that subject here.

There are plenty of reasons as to why a contract may not be selling or that others may not be expressing interest. See our article on the subject here.

After you submit your contract, it should auto-post on the Available Contracts page under Listings from Students. You can also see it in your user dashboard in My Listings/Plans.

Your Inbox in your user dashboard will have all messages that interested individuals have sent about your contract.

Listing your contract on MyPlace does not guarantee it will get sold. We do, however, promise to deliver all the eyes you need to sell your contract. If your contract is not selling, click here for expert advice on how to get your contract sold.

Yes! All contracts that have not been marked as sold or refreshed are automatically hidden from the marketplace after 3 weeks, ensuring that only relevant contracts with active sellers are listed.

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