9 Best Things to do in Eugene OR

Welcome, Ducks! At Find My Place, our mission is more than just helping University of Oregon students find the perfect student housing. We aim to enhance your college journey in Eugene, OR. Beyond academics, your university experience should be filled with memorable activities and discoveries. That’s why we’ve researched and compiled a list of 9 incredible things you can do in Eugene, ensuring you make the most out of your time here. From the thrill of Tracktown USA to the tranquil beauty of Heceta Head Lighthouse, there’s something for everyone. Dive into our guide and start envisioning the vibrant student life awaiting you in Eugene. Ready to explore what could be your new home at the University of Oregon? Let’s get started.


If you’re a fan of Olympic running, then you’ll enjoy…

Tracktown USA

Eugene, known as Tracktown USA, is a haven for runners and athletics enthusiasts alike. With a rich history of hosting premier track and field events, including the U.S. Olympic Trials, it’s a place where students can immerse themselves in the sport’s culture. The University of Oregon’s Hayward Field is a must-visit for any aspiring athlete or sports fan, offering a chance to tread the same ground as Olympians. Tracktown USA isn’t just a nickname; it’s a testament to Eugene’s vibrant running community, featuring trails and tracks that cater to all levels, from beginners to elite athletes. Click here to purchase tickets for this year’s Olympic trials!


5th Street Public Market

The 5th Street Public Market is the heart of Eugene’s shopping and dining scene, providing students with a unique blend of local artisan shops, cafes, and eateries. It’s a perfect spot to unwind after classes, with its charming outdoor courtyards and eclectic mix of boutiques offering everything from handmade jewelry to gourmet chocolates. The market also hosts live music and events, making it a lively hub for students to explore the local culture, meet up with friends, and find that perfect gift or treat.


Eugene Science Center

The Eugene Science Center is a gateway to the wonders of science and technology for curious minds. With hands-on exhibits, planetarium shows, and interactive workshops, it offers students a fun and engaging way to explore the universe, understand the principles of physics, or dive into the mysteries of biology. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to expand their knowledge outside the classroom, whether it’s a solo visit to ponder the stars or a group outing for a science-filled adventure.

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We know how important it is for students to get out in nature. Eugene has so many outdoor adventures. Starting with…

Hiking: Ridgeline Trail, Spencer Butte Trailhead

For students looking to escape the hustle and bustle of campus life, the Ridgeline Trail, starting at Spencer Butte Trailhead, offers an accessible retreat into nature. This hike provides stunning views of Eugene and the surrounding landscape, making it a popular choice for both novice and experienced hikers. It’s a fantastic way to get some exercise, clear your mind, and experience Oregon’s natural beauty firsthand. Whether you’re seeking solitude or a fun day out with friends, this trail delivers with its lush forests, challenging ascents, and panoramic vistas.


Heceta Head Lighthouse

The Heceta Head Lighthouse offers students a picturesque escape to one of Oregon’s most beautiful coastal settings. Standing tall since 1894, this historic lighthouse is a marvel of engineering and a beacon of the Oregon Coast’s rich maritime history. A visit here can be both educational and serene, with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, opportunities for whale watching, and trails winding through the scenic landscape. It’s a perfect day trip for those interested in photography, history, or simply enjoying the tranquil beauty of the coast.


King Estate

King Estate, nestled in the rolling hills of the Willamette Valley, provides a sophisticated outing for students with a palate for fine wines and gourmet food. Known for its organic vineyards and sustainable farming practices, a visit to King Estate is an opportunity to learn about the winemaking process, from grape to glass. The estate’s restaurant offers dishes crafted from local, organic ingredients, perfectly paired with their wines. It’s an exquisite experience for those looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy the finer things in life.

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Salt Creek Falls

Salt Creek Falls, Oregon’s second highest single-drop waterfall, is an awe-inspiring natural wonder that’s easily accessible for students needing a break from their studies. The viewing platform is just a short walk from the parking area, making it an easy yet rewarding trip for those looking for a quick dose of nature’s majesty. The area also offers picnic spots and hiking trails for those wishing to explore more of the surrounding old-growth forest. It’s a breathtaking reminder of the natural beauty that lies just outside Eugene’s doorstep.


Museum of Natural and Cultural History

The Museum of Natural and Cultural History, located on the University of Oregon campus, is a treasure trove of knowledge for students. It offers a deep dive into the region’s geological, biological, and cultural history through engaging exhibits and collections. From ancient fossils to Native American artifacts, the museum provides a comprehensive look at the forces that have shaped Oregon. It’s an educational resource that encourages students to connect with their environment and heritage in meaningful ways.

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Dee Wright Observatory

Dee Wright Observatory, built entirely out of lava rock, offers students a unique vantage point to view the surrounding Cascade Mountains. Located at the summit of McKenzie Pass, this observatory is not only a feat of natural architecture but also serves as a gateway to understanding the volcanic landscape of the region. The interpretive trail provides insights into the local geology and ecology, making it a fascinating excursion for students interested in earth sciences or those simply seeking a panoramic view of Oregon’s


As we conclude our exploration of Eugene’s highlights, from the energetic vibes of Tracktown USA to the breathtaking beauty of Salt Creek Falls, it’s evident that Eugene is more than a study spot—it’s a place to truly experience life. Our list is just the beginning of what makes Eugene, OR, an unforgettable part of the University of Oregon student experience. At Find My Place, our goal extends beyond finding you perfect student housing. We’re here to immerse you in the best of Eugene, enhancing your time at university.

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