5 Best Places to Live for Fall (That Still Have Availabilities) – August 2022


For most Provo and Orem student renters, move-outs are coming up next week, which only means one thing: the infamous “homeless week” is right around the corner. If you don’t know where you are going to live in the Fall yet, don’t fret–we are here to make sure your homeless week only lasts one week.

Here are the best places to live for Fall that still have availabilities (both for you and your friends):


#5. The Brittany

Social: 3.0 | Management: 3.6 | Quality: 3.4 | Overall: 3.3 | Price: $380

The Brittany, though not the most well-known complex, is a great option if you’re looking for Fall housing. The Brittany is a smaller complex, making it feel like a closer community. Luckily, if you need other, additional social opportunities, the Brittany is located in the heart of South Campus housing–one of the most social areas in Provo (and a 10-minute walk from BYU campus!). The management is stellar and responsive (everything you’d want in management), with highly-rated apartment quality.

The Brittany also has different contract options, whether you’re looking for just a Fall/Winter contract or a Year-Round contract, with differing rates for each.

And we’ll let one of the reviewers tell you about their amenities:

The pool and lounge are really nice amenities to have. The lounge has a piano, a pool table, comfy couches, and a big tv with streaming services.

The Brittany is usually full by this time of the year, so consider yourself lucky if you can snag a spot now!

If you want to learn more about The Brittany, go here.

#4. Campus Way

Social: 4.2 | Management: 3.1 | Quality: 3.2 | Overall: 3.5 | Price: $415

Overall it’s been great to live here, nothing major to complain about!

Another reviewer commented,

“I really liked living at Campus Way! The ward was great and the apartment was suitable.”

Campus Way comes with a clubhouse that includes ping pong, foosball, a piano, and a lounge area, with a fitness center and a study room close by. As far as their individual rooms go, they have been recently renovated and get the job done. You will feel comfortable and well-taken care of.

While Campus Way may not be 5-star, current tenants have enjoyed their experience living at this complex and have many positive things to say about it. If you need somewhere close to campus for the Fall, make sure to check out Campus Way.

If you want to learn more about Campus Way, go here.


#3. Aspen Ridge Management

Aspen Ridge is not a specific complex, but a management company. They are a very popular management company within the Provo/Orem area that have many availabilities for student housing. Their options are miscellaneous, but include various options that students care a lot about if you are not into living at a complex: condos, townhomes, and various smaller properties. Aspen Ridge availabilities include properties such as Chatham Towne Townhomes, Devonshire, and Old Mill. However, spots are filling up fast, and it may be harder to find space if you are seeking to move in somewhere with a lot of friends. We are updating our marketplace everyday, so check that to see what will fit for you and your needs.

The ratings and experience you have will vary depending on the Aspen Ridge property you decide to sign up with, but we can advocate for Aspen Ridge’s responsiveness and commitment to make sure you enjoy where you live.

If you want to see what Aspen Ridge has available, go here.

#2. Liberty on Freedom

Social: 3.9 | Management: 3.4 | Quality: 3.4 | Overall: 3.6 | Price: $415

Liberty on Freedom is known for being close to BYU campus and having a good social environment. With a huge pool and hot tub, a bumping clubhouse with a putting green and a sports court, it’s clear that this is a great place to meet new people and enjoy yourself–especially if you’re looking for a younger crowd.

Liberty [on Freedom] is such a good place to live in especially if it’s your first year to get to know people. very welcoming and also very close to BYU!

The kitchen and living room are reported as feeling smaller, but reviewers have said the bedrooms themselves are pretty spacious.

Liberty on Freedom is a classic among Provo Housing, and we’d recommend it if you are in a pinch–especially if you have friends to move in with. They only have 6 full apartments left, so book your spot now!

If you want to learn more about Liberty on Freedom, go here.


#1. Glenwood Apartments

Social: 4.0 | Management: 3.1 | Quality: 3.1 | Overall: 3.4 | Price: $415

Glenwood’s reputation is one of the few in Provo housing that have stood the test of time, as it’s been one of the most well-known and popular complexes for decades (let’s be honest, your Mom probably lived at Glenwood). However, there’s a reason that this complex is still one of the most social, most popular complexes in the Provo/Orem area: it’s fun, it’s big, and it gets the job done. Glenwood’s social scene is nearly unmatched and, combined with amenities such as ping pong, a movie area, large pool, hot tub, and newly renovated clubhouse, it makes it a highly sought after spot for people looking for a great college experience under solid management.

Most of Glenwood’s rooms have also been recently renovated, which makes the $415 price a good deal for the rising rates of Provo housing. Luckily for you, they haven’t filled yet! And who knows, you might get as lucky as this recent reviewer:

I’ve loved living here at Glenwood! I was blessed enough by the social aspect of this wonderful place to meet my amazing fiancé. I love all the amenities and all the options for activities.

If you want to learn more about Glenwood, go here.

We’ve been working hard to put every remaining availability for the Fall on our marketplace, so make sure to see what’s left and secure your spot before you become homeless! (Sorry, too bleak?)

Thank you for your continuing support of our mission and what we are trying to accomplish here at FindMyPlace. We want to continue making apartment shopping suck less for you all. As you find what you are looking for, please message complexes through our site and make sure to let them know we sent you! This will allow us to continue having more availabilities on the site and getting the information you need to have an easy apartment-shopping experience.

Good luck these next few weeks and godspeed. All your apartment needs, all at FindMyPlace.

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