Pros and Cons of BYU On-Campus Housing


We at Find My Place know how stressful finding student housing near BYU can be, especially if you’re still on a mission or just coming home before the semester starts. BYU’s new guidelines dictate that “For their first two semesters as a BYU student, all single undergraduate students must live (1) in BYU on-campus housing, (2) in BYU off-campus contracted housing, or (3) with qualifying family members. “ (To read more about this policy click here!). This can be a lot to take in, but let us break down the pros and cons of on-campus housing for you from our experience! If you’re a freshman about to go or looking to go to BYU and are struggling to know whether or not to live on campus, this article is for you! 

BYU has two on-campus housing options: Heritage Halls and Helaman Halls. Both, in our experience, are great first-apartment options! You get to meet new people constantly and feel confident in the quality of your apartment. However, there are some helpful things to be aware of before moving into either of these complexes. First, let us talk you through some big differences between the two options: 


Heritage Halls

This housing option is an apartment-style housing. It consists of 13 4-story buildings located on the North side of campus. The units are simple with a kitchen, living room, double sink vanity, bathroom(s), and individual rooms. What makes this option unique is that you get to choose between a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom unit with a total of 6 people (including yourself) or a 2-bedroom 1-bathroom unit with four people (including yourself). On the outside, there are lots of open grass areas, large bike racks, and beautiful landscaping. In the middle of the buildings, you can find a public sand volleyball pit and two basketball courts which are easy to locate and always available for use.

Helaman Halls

Northeast of campus you will find Helaman halls, consisting of 9 buildings, each 3 stories tall. This on-campus housing is dorm-style with a bedroom with two beds and a common bathroom area for the majority of the rooms in each building. If this bothers you, no worries, there are limited shared suite or single suite options available that have a small shower and bathroom in the unit. All units have a small sink and plenty of closet space and there are common social areas in each building. Not only are the buildings more expansive than Heritage Halls, but they also have the Cannon Commons, which is a large cafeteria, creamery, and grill. That’s one of the great benefits of Helaman: no grocery shopping! On the outside of Helaman Halls, you will find tons of grassy areas for outdoor fun and lots of established trees for shade. There’s a sand volleyball pit and a basketball court as well!


Now that that’s explained, on to our general pros and cons. 



BYU’s on-campus housing is the best way to begin your life as an independent adult. There are no extra housing fees or even monthly utility charges, every month you just pay your flat rent. And if you choose Helaman Halls, you don’t even have to worry about food. This is what past residents had to say about the highlights of on-campus living:


  • Great church wards- Maybe the best you’ll ever have, Bishops are engaging and genuinely want to get to know each resident that moves in. 


  • Interactive social opportunities- Both housing options throw parties a couple of times a semester, Resident Assistant (RA) activities are held once a month and teach topics ranging from mental health to dating etiquette


  • Guaranteed clean apartments- Cleaning checks are once a month, and building staff clean regularly


  • Shorter walking distance to classes- It takes 5 to 15 minutes to get anywhere on campus 


  • Buildings are split by gender and whether or not you’ve been on a mission


  • All buildings and rooms are automatically locked- you’ll use your student ID as your key


  • Attentive Resident Assistants- These are specially trained people to deal with all sorts of problems that may arise, there is one per floor, and most are kind and love their residents (kind of like a big brother or sister). 



When we asked past residents about their least favorite parts about living on campus, many gave personal experiences and biases. Keep these in mind, but remember your on-campus experience is what you choose to make of it!

  • Caught in the campus social bubble- You might feel limited to the activities thrown on BYU campus and the housing activities. It can be hard to meet people living off campus and hear about off-campus activities


  • Parking is rough- BYU on-campus parking is limited and is not guaranteed even if you pay for it


  • Bad RAs- Some RA’s are more strict than others and some don’t help residents as much as they should


  • Stressful cleaning checks- Once a month you are emailed a checklist of your responsibilities and for some people it can put stress on a busy schedule



Navigating the realm of student housing near BYU is undoubtedly challenging, especially with the recent guidelines impacting the choices available to single undergraduate students. As the decision between on-campus living at Heritage Halls or Helaman Halls looms large, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully. While both options offer unique advantages, from communal living to convenient amenities, the experiences of past residents shed light on the potential challenges, such as being ensnared in the campus social bubble or contending with limited parking. Our aim at Find My Place has been to provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the on-campus housing landscape, empowering you to make an informed decision based on your preferences and priorities. Whether you’re a freshman embarking on this exciting journey or a prospective BYU student, we hope this article serves as a valuable guide in your housing decision-making process. Remember, each choice comes with its own set of pros and cons, but ultimately, embracing the opportunities for personal growth, lifelong friendships, and a vibrant community awaits you on the horizon of on-campus living at BYU.


On-campus housing isn’t the only option for your first year of college! If on-campus housing isn’t for you, look for other BYU-approved contracts on Find My Place now! Every availability, in one place. Choose from over 200+ student housing listings from students and property owners to find your perfect place. Plus, if you sign a contract through us, we’ll send you $50! More information here.

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