The Top 5 Highest Rated Apartment Complexes in Provo, UT (2021)

Ever wondered where the best places to live are in Provo? Here are the top 5 to keep in mind next moving season.

Provo is Utah’s third largest city, and serves as the home for over 116,000 people, many of them college students attending Brigham Young University or Utah Valley University. With so many college students and so many apartments, it can be hard to find the right place to live. Here at MyPlace, it’s our job to listen to the voice of the people in order to find the best places to live in every city so that you don’t have to. Following are the top 5 highest rated apartment complexes in Provo, Utah, as of November 2021.

5. The Riviera

Average cost: $413 a month

The Riv. What isn’t to love? A long-standing BYU-approved apartment complex, it has housed BYU students for generations (since 1968!). It features some of the biggest bedrooms in BYU-approved student housing, so if you’re a BYU student looking for personal space, this might be the place for you. According to tenant reviews, the Riv has a very active and engaging social scene. In addition, the Riv’s management is extremely responsive, and they have frequent giveaways and many amenities, including a volleyball net and swimming pool. That, paired with a short walk to campus, and close access to a bus stop, make the Riv an all around excellent and affordable apartment.

4. Chatham Towne 

Average cost: $462 a month

Chatham Towne really embodies the “Towne” part of its name. It is a series of shared townhomes, placed side-by-side. Tenants praise its cleanliness, spaciousness, and modernity. It’s a 5 minute walk to the Wilkinson building on BYU’s campus, as well as the famous BYU creamery. It’s important to note that for each of the 4-person apartments, there are 3 parking spots, meaning at least one tenant can’t bring their own car. The consensus, however, is that there is space to spare, and that the apartments have a very welcoming environment, with a lot of friendly interaction going on between roommates and different buildings. If you’re looking for a comfortable stay in a townhome with a short walk to BYU, this apartment is one to seriously consider.

3. The Isles

Average cost: $620 a month

The Isles are considered by many to be the oasis in Provo. It is a surprisingly high quality

apartment complex, with amenities such as laundry, a pool and hot tub, a gym/ fitness area, and a

clubhouse.While the average price of rate is certainly a premium, the tenants seem to collectively

agree that you get what you pay for. With clean, luxurious apartments, a covered parking spot, a

hopping social scene, and a great location, you are well taken care of at the Isles.

2. Cinnamon Tree

Average cost: $409 a month

Cinnamon Tree is a smaller complex located in the center of Provo, but with its smaller size comes some of its greatest strengths. Tenants describe it as a close-knit community, composed of many hard-working students who also know how to have fun. Its proximity to many of Provo’s restaurants and grocery stores make it a place where you can get all of your necessities within walking distance. One possible gripe has been limited parking, but if you’re willing to pay for a parking pass, then you should always have a spot. Only positive things have been said of its management, described as extremely attentive and responding to requests in a very timely manner. If you’re looking for a fun group of people at the heart of Provo, Cinnamon Tree has you covered.

1. Arlington

Average cost: $530 a month

Described as the “hidden gem” of Provo, Arlington boasts a very satisfied community of renters, who hardly have anything bad to say about it. It has plenty of space, and is maintained very well by its dedicated staff. The community is nice, friendly, and open, and it sounds like an awesome place to move to with friends. It also has a great location, a little more removed from the hustle and bustle in the center of busy Provo, tucked up against the beautiful mountains. While it is more on the expensive side, and if you’re willing to make the 15 minute walk (or 3 minute drive) to campus, then it seems that Arlington is arguably THE definitive place to live in Provo.

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